Effectively Manage Technical Debt In Your Rails App

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For a long time, I thought good programming meant complicated code. I admired code that was hard to understand, thinking if I stared at it long enough, I'd learn something new.
"As long as my Rails app works, and my clients get what they want, I'm happy" - this is what I told myself. Whenever a client wanted a new feature, I'd simply add lines to existing methods and classes thinking that I was being conservative with my code.
As I advanced in my career, I started exploring why as my apps grew in scope, they became progressively more difficult to grow and maintain. I also worked on apps that didn't have this problem and sought to understand how they had avoided this fate. During this process, I learned a lot about how Ruby and Rails apps should be built -- and started to appreciate the beauty of simple code.
With these 4 lessons I've prepared for you, you'll learn the exact tactics I use in my day to day work as a senior Rails consultant not only to ensure technical debt doesn't get out of hand, but how you can take a complicated, tangled codebase and get it to a place where it is a pleasure to work on.

About The Teacher

I’m Sid Krishnan, web developer and founder of a little consultancy called Duck Type Labs. I’ve written production software in various forms for more than 10 years.

The web apps I’ve built with Rails cover a wide range and size of applications, from huge project management apps to MVPs. I’ve built greenfield production apps on my own and also worked on large legacy applications with multiple team members.

Throughout that time, technical debt has been a constant companion. I’ve been lucky enough to have had smart and capable mentors showing me the way to a clean codebase, and I believe I can do the same for you!

Here's what you'll learn


I've designed this course to give you a playbook for reliably increasing the code quality of your Rails app. Each lesson is compact and succint, and takes about 5 minutes to read.

Lesson #1

How to introduce test coverage to untested code


Lesson #2

How ugly tests can drive you to reduce dependencies and write stable, easy-to-change code


Lesson #3

How to use form objects to simplify your controller actions and routes


Lesson #4

Two simple refactoring techniques that you can use right now to start making your code easier to read and work with


Click Here To Get Lesson #1
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